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Hebridean Food Group Ltd, Blantyre

Our client Hebridean Food Group asked us to carry out an LED lighting upgrade at their food produce factory in Blantyre Industrial Estate.

As the factories hours of operation vary, Douglas of Hebridean Food Group was keen for the project to be done quickly with minimal disruption to his production lines. We carried out the work during the factories weekly cleaning shut down. Which mean bringing in additional labour to enable us to meet the strict deadline.

With over 100 lights to change and a limited time to do it, we worked efficiently to ensure that we were on schedule throughout.

As the factory usually operates 24 hours a day it makes it the perfect environment to carry out LED upgrades to reduce electrical consumption and of course cost of running. 

On this particular project we were able calculate the current consumption and from this ascertain a return of investment for our client detailing exactly how long it will take to see a return in investment.

Thank you, Douglas at Hebridean Food Group, for choosing to work with us on this project.